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Make sure your properly protected

Make sure your properly protected

Studies show that 1 in 6 newly licensed teens will get in an accident within the first 6 months of driving.  The best prevention is to make sure you are talking to your kids about safe driving early and often.

Studies show that parents that talk to their kids about safe driving and safe driving habits have a strong positive influence on teen drivers.  The best you can do is lead by example!

No texting and driving and keep your cool on the road.  Make sure to get involved in their driver training and keep a level head during the learning process.  Even after your teen has his or her license the learning shouldn’t stop!  Always set a good example on the road and look for opportunities to improve your newly licensed household members.

The sooner you have the talk with your kids the sooner they can start practicing safe driving habits!  The best defense on the open road is a well educated and a responsible driver along with a great auto insurance policy.  If you want to read more follow this link to Travelers for more on teen drivers along with some great tips to help you keep your young drivers safe.