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Staying with the same agent or broker simply makes sense when it comes to auto and home insurance.  Following are some of the advantages of having a long-term working relationship with one agent:

1. Continuous Coverage: One agent will be better prepared to quote complete coverage without gaps, and you’ll be more likely to save money by eliminating duplicate coverage. One of the problems associated with buying multiple policies from various providers is the ease of duplicating coverage and inconsistency or gaps in coverage, especially among homeowner, car and umbrella policies.

2. Competitively Priced: Don’t assume that shopping around provides the best price. Instead, calculate the total cost of all coverage after rate reductions, elimination of duplicated provisions and other deductions such as multiple-policy discounts. Long-term clients often reap the benefits of low prices, rate reductions and convenience simply by staying in place. Stop shopping and stay in place for the best rates.

3. Single Point of Contact: Having a single point of contact for all your insurance needs is convenient for making payments and keeping contact information up to date. It’s also vital for quick response and individual attention in the event of a claim. Not only can all your benefits be easily coordinated by an agent who is familiar with your needs and coverage, but it reduces the stress and strain of trying to navigate the complex and confusing world of insurance when you need it most.