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Strapping children into car seats and other booster devices is common practice while traveling from place to place.  These wonderful devices help keep our growing children safe while they travel in our vehicles.  Car seats can be life saving for children, but some of us forget about our furry companions’ safety while inside our vehicles.

Traveling with pets can be a joy but it can also be a distraction.  A pet on your lap can be more distracting than sending a text message not to mention the dangers a pet can face when met with a rapidly expanding air bag.  Pets moving about a vehicle unrestricted can not only cause distractions but they can become puppy missiles in the event of an accident.  A small Cocker Spaniel in a 35 MPH crash can be propelled forward with the force of one and a half charging horses and a small Lab can collide with the force of a full grown bull!  It’s in the best interest of everyone on the road as well as in your vehicle to buckle-up your pets while traveling to prevent puppy projectiles.

Securing your furry friend during travel can be challenging.  Most carriers will only work for dogs 15 pounds and under, for our larger co-pilots dog harnesses are available that work in unison with your vehicles safety belts to help keep Fido safe and secure.  Check out RuffRider for some great vet approved harnesses!

As always not all Auto insurance policies are created equal and more than likely don’t cover injuries sustained by your pet in the event of an accident.  Always consult your local agent and ask about pet insurance if you frequently ride with a pet.